Sunday, March 19, 2017

Lindsay Limerick Tour of Ireland

I'm taking a break for one post from the Logic of Christianity, to share our trip to Ireland.  For the week of St. Patrick's Day, 2017, Stan, Linda, Charise, Auburn, Tristan, and Molly Lindsay toured Ireland together.  One day, as we were driving through the County Limerick, someone suggested that we each write a limerick.  We each wrote one, and I have encouraged each of the others to post their limerick as a Comment to this post.  Each "reader" of this post is also encouraged to try his or her hand at writing a limerick and posting it as a Comment (ala Jimmy Fallon's tweets).  Meanwhile, I will take you through the tour of Ireland with pictures I took and limericks I wrote about them.  

Limerick Frenzy

I’m part of the Family Lindsay
That started a Limerick Frenzy.
To write ‘em is easy;
Jost say somethin’ cheezy,
And end with a Limerick Whimsy.


We met us a wee leprechaun.
His name was not Shamus, but Sean.
He had, we were told,
A pot full o’ gold.
But, when we looked up, he was gone!

Blarney Stone

We went to the Castle named Blarney,
A little southeast of Kilarney.
They say you can talk . . .
Just by kissin’ a rock!
But, if you still can’t, then, Oh Darney!


Back near the beginning of man,
A structure was built by a clan.
The Pyramid’s younger,
This structure’s stood stronger
Than modern day engineers plan.

The Pubs

They sit all day in the pubs.
They’re such unusual clubs.
The locals have drinks.
The alcohol stinks.
‘Tis a wonder that any have jubs!

St. Patrick

St. Patrick brought Ireland Christ.
He drove out the snakes (not the mice).
It’s all hyperbolic.
The snakes are symbolic
Of Ireland’s pre-Christian vice.

Trinity College

We travelled to Trinity College,
Where Jedi store all of their knowledge.
But the great Jedi sages,
Revered of the ages,
Were human busts in the Long Hall-edge.

Chester Beatty Papyri

The oldest copies of Gospels
Of Jesus Christ and Apostles,
From 150 A.D.
Were purchased by Beatty
At quite a consid’rable costle.

The Monasteries

The Irish have old monasteries,
Where Ireland’s saints who were buried--
The old Glendalough (pronounced: Glen-da-lock),
Skelig Michael’s Tall Rock--
Drove out the old fables of Fairies.

Driving on the Wrong Side

Forgetting his habit and pride,
With confusion that can’t be denied.
Like the image in mirrors,
The driver has fearrrs,
He’s traveling on the wrong side.

Ring of Kerry

For scenery that God has blest,
These vistas, by far, are the best.
It’s a beautiful thing,
This Old Kerry Ring,
Drive counter-clockwise, I suggest.

Cliffs of Moher

As rain was beginning to pour,
We arrived at the high Cliffs of Moher.
The wind was too windy,
So, Stanny and Lindy.
And Tri, Mol, Char, Aub said, “No more!”

Your Turn

So Limericks, now, are your turn.
Just reply to this post, as you’ve learned.
Clean Comments protected.
Obscene ones rejected,

Political?  Shredded and burned!