Sunday, June 26, 2022

Happy Half-Christmas Eve 2022!

Christmas is on December 25th, so 6 months later on June 25th is Half Christmas.   I jotted down this poem as a memorial of Half-Christmas Eve, June 24th:

On the day before Half-Christmas all through the land . . .
Abortions occurring were suddenly banned,
The killing of innocents called to a halt,
As the country repented its wickedest fault. 

The reverse of King Herod's Bethlehem slaughter . . .
Would rescue a son and many a daughter.  
They tried to kill Jesus and Moses before,
But God's love for innocents can't be ignored.  

So like the nine reindeer of Santa Claus' sleigh,
Nine high court justices rose up that day.  
The initials of Santa, the  S and the C. 
Now stand for Supreme Court the way it should be. 

It's fitting that Half-Christmas Eve was the day . . . 
The Killing of Innocents by law went away. 
Celebrate Life on each Half-Christmas Eve . . . 
For life is still precious to those who believe. 

Happy Half-Christmas Eve 2022!

Stan A. Lindsay, Ph.D.